Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Last week I saw a second orthopedic surgeon who confirmed the opinion of the first doctor, namely that I need hip replacement surgery for both hips. By now, the initial shock has passed and I am processing this information, not sure when I will do the first surgery. Meanwhile, I had another session yesterday with the Pilates instructor who is really quite a healer with gentle hands. Each morning I continue to do the exercises she has taught me this far, they can only strengthen my muscles which is to the good. Next week I have an appointment to see a chiropractor/healer whom a friend highly recommends and claims that she saved her from life in a wheelchair. My insurance doesn't cover these "alternatives" so I am paying out of pocket. Nothing is cheap!

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  1. Nice shot. Old age is terrible for our bones and joints. I'll trade a few of my body parts for a few of yours?