Sunday, December 9, 2012


There hasn't been much to report, simply that I stopped seeing Dr. Musso at Sea Change New York a number of months ago. I couldn't afford her. I currently see a chiropractor on my block who accepts my Medicare insurance. Dr. Ellen Athenail. I still experience stiffness and soreness in my hips and have to be more prudent during cold and damp weather. Still swimming and faithfully doing my Pilates floor exercises every morning. I have to deal with a lot of stairs so that's not easy. But hanging in there. I hope everybody is doing well and I wish you all a blessed Christmas, Hanukkah, and happy New Year!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Five Months Later . . .

. . . I realized that I haven't posted in all this time. Continuing to make progress, continuing my sessions at Sea Change New York, twice weekly. Not cheap, my insurance doesn't cover these visits. Dipping into my savings/retirement fund, consider it an investment. I am walking better, still have some stiffness and soreness at times, especially when I'm overtired and when the weather is damp-ish. Continuing to do my stretching and Pilates exercises on the floor each and every morning. So the operative word here are
"continuing" and "progress".